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In partnership with a company of Information Tecnology (IT), we are strengthening our business using the Business Intelligence tool Sustainability Report Management (SRM).

 Sustainability Report Management (SRM)

Since 2012, Visão Sustentável uses the SRM, a tool for collection and analysis of information for Sustainability Reports. It is an online software certified by digicert, multiuser and it has an access-hierarchy: it allows users to be responsible for inputting information while others to see to its validation.
The SRM is totally aligned with the principal methodologies geared towards drafting reports, such as the indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It is customized for each client, containing only the indicators that will be part of its process as well as restricted access to each respondent and validator to the indicators assigned to them.
The content included in the SRM is regularly examined by our experts, and when relevant, are sent comments for the improvement of the response by chat messages.
The tool enables a management process more efficient, to the extent that allows the analysis of the answers provided in real-time. The SRM allows for the inclusion of the last three comparable company reports, facilitating the analysis of the management as well as the evolution of the information. Moreover, as it gathers information, it makes the auditing process easier.

Using the SRM System
16 companies and 600 users

Since its creating, in 2012, the SRM has already been used by the following companies:
Algar – Amil – Arauco – Banco Indusval & Partners (BIP) – Bombril – Ceagro -Confederação Brasileira de Voleibol (CBV) – Copagaz – CTEEP – Grupo Libra – Grupo Kepler Weber -Interfarma – Itaipu – Mexichem – Pernambucanas – Roche

The first satisfaction survey conducted in 2013 had very positive results, shown in the charts below. A new survey is now being performed and, once completed, its results will be presented.

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