Governance and Management

We perform custom and appropriate actions regarding the company’s maturity and according to its performance in the principles of sustainability. We elaborate specific processes as well as long-term projects, introducing and / or strengthening sustainability in management and governance.

Sustainability Committee

We structure and / or follow the activities of the committee, from the establishment of size and dynamic to the definition of its operations. Our consultants have technical and conceptual attributes to offer the best corporate governance practices and processes for development of the committee’s actions in the short, medium and long term.

 Diagnosis of sustainability

We perform the analysis of the company’s management, to indicate gaps and challenges for rooting sustainability in internal practices. All work is guided by technical foundation and aims to support the company in its strategic decisions.

Strategic Planning

We develop focused strategy in sustainability and social responsibility, acting directly on strengthening the management and governance. We propose plans for the short, medium and long term, in full accordance with the company’s needs

 Strategic documents

We prepare and update policies, codes and manuals, such as: Codes of Ethics, Sustainability Policies, Purchasing Policies, Provider Manuals, among others, aimed at keeping theses documents updated with the industry’s best practices.

Develop and refine projects

We carry out the concept, structure and management of social responsibility and corporate sustainability projects. For pre existing projects, we develop processes to measure and monitor their impacts in order to analyze their alignments to the business’s strategy

Mapping and engagement of interested parties – stakeholders

We develop actions to define and engage stakeholders. The engagement process can be done in person (panel), or virtually.
We have a unique process conducted through a materiality questionnaire, which is aligned to the procedure for the preparation of a GRI sustainability report.

 Positive Agenda

We articulate institutional relationships, by structuring strategic pro-sustainbaility alliances with several organizations such as the United Nations (UN).


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