Global Network

At Visão Sustentável we understand the partnership allows us to provide different support services to our clients, contributing to the development of high-level solutions on CSR and Corporate Sustainability. Therefor, we are constantly engaged in a joint work of national and international networks.


Trade relations between Brazil and China have intensified over the past decade. Thinking about the opportunities arising from this process and seeing to offer greater comfort and security to our clients who work or seek to expand their business in this country, in February of 2008, Visão Sustentável, signed an agreement establishing alliance with the consulting firm SynTao Co. Ltd., headquartered in the city of Beijing, China. This is a strategic partnership involving mutual advice on business context and conditions of actions in Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability projects in China and Brazil.
SynTao Co. Ltd. is a consulting firm specializing in CSR. It is based in the Chinese capital Beijing but has offices in Washington, DC, United States. Based on its global vision coupled with its local expertise, the SynTao has helped clients develop CSR strategies, establish networks and identify partners. For this it promotes services in the areas of strategic consulting, training and development of research on different themes.

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